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He is a thirty-five year veteran of the CIA.

For twenty-five years he served in the Agency’s elite Clandestine Service as an undercover, covert operations officer carrying out foreign assignments involving international terrorism, counterinsurgency, global narcotics trafficking and weapons smuggling.

He operated under a range of official and private sector covers, sometimes using alias names and physical disguises, and often collaborating with special operations components of foreign military, security or law enforcement components abroad.

During intermittent assignments at headquarters, he was also an Agency foreign political affairs analyst, Presidential briefer, and an instructor in tactical paramilitary and espionage tradecraft disciplines at secret CIA training camps.

CIA Liaison with the Entertainment Industry

In his last assignment, Mr. Brandon was a senior officer on the CIA Director’s staff, serving as a Public Affairs spokesman and the Agency’s first-ever official liaison to the entertainment and publication industries.

He was given broad latitude in his overt mission to inform and educate the public about the covert side of the CIA, with the obvious caveat that in the process of working with producers, directors, actors and writers to present factual, realistic portrayals of the CIA, no actual classified information about sources and methods of sensitive Agency “tradecraft” or technology could appear on screen or in print.

Within those parameters he provided a decade of technical consultation to many feature films and television series such as The Recruit, Sum of All Fears, The Bourne Identity, Alias, and 24; as well as documentary programs to include the Discovery, Learning and Military channels.

He was also Master of Ceremonies for official CIA public events, official on-camera spokesman for selected televised news stories and other public venue activities.

Film credits, appearances, interviews, articles

A broader range of Mr. Brandon’s film credits and technical consultant roles include The Recruit, Sum of All Fears, Enemy of the State, Bad Company, Mission Impossible III, Meet the Parents, In the Company of Spies, The Good Shepherd, Charlie Wilson’s War, Spy Game, The Interpreter and others; and he has been the technical consultant and advisor for television programs including ABC’s acclaimed mini-series The Path to 9-11, as well as other network series such as The Agency, Alias, 24, JAG, The Agency and Air America.

He has made numerous appearances on Discovery, Learning, and History Channels in “host, narrator or commentator” roles; and on PBS, A&E and other documentaries; and he has been interviewed on E-Entertainment, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight and other film industry news programs.

A number of major movie DVD “special feature” sections include interviews and expert commentary by Chase Brandon.

Other elements of his writing and acting roles can be found on a separate IMDb search of his name; and a comprehensive number of additional articles about him appear in a Google search of Chase Brandon CIA.

Chase Brandon